Key West Happy Hour Food Guide

Shrimp & Scallop skewers and a plate of Grilled Lamb Chops at Martin's in Key West. These are 50% off during happy hour.

Welcome to paradise – Key West, where the sun always shines, the water sparkles, and our happy hours are a way of life! Our post, “Key West Happy Hour Food Guide,” is your comprehensive guide and updated list of the best places to savor delectable food and enjoy refreshing drinks while basking in this magical … Read more

Two Friends Patio Restaurant Happy Hour

steamed shrimp at two friends patio restaurant

Attention, food lovers, happy hour, and sunset chasers! If you are in or heading to Key West and venture a little bit away from Duval Street, you’re in for a treat. Pull up a chair in Old Town at ‘Two Friends Patio Restaurant’ – a place that brings together good food, live local music, and … Read more